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The Art of Modern Man

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Mastering the masculine is an art form.

Men are not born inherently masculine. If that were the case, then the current crisis of masculinity that we find today with most modern men wouldn’t exist. There would be no need for writings like my own or cultural movements such as The Red Pill, The Manosphere, MGTOW, or any of their derivatives.

Men would just simply be men, and that would be that. As endemic as they are, fatherless homes would not have nearly as significant an impact on the development of young men as they do, and in all likelihood, these fourth-wave feminists wouldn’t even exist.

In my first book, Empire Divided, I broke down nine noble virtues and how they apply to men who wish to become paradigms of masculinity. Of those nine virtues, discipline is the summation of the other eight. However, not to be confused with self-discipline but discipline as in a learned and practiced skill that takes time to hone and develop.

That is what masculinity is, a skill. Like any other discipline, whether it be wood carving or learning a musical instrument, it takes time and practice to master. One of the common arguments from the feminist movement is that masculinity is a mask, That since it is, in fact, a skill that must be learned and developed, it cannot be a metric by which men are measured. If it’s not a natural trait that all men possess, then it must be unnecessary.

I offer this counterargument.

Art, music, and even cooking fine foods are all skills that must be practiced and learned. No one has ever been born capable of producing such things. But imagine the world without them. Our lives are made better by these things. I, for one, find great pleasure in all of those things as they make life about much more than only surviving.

They make our lives better and more beautiful to look at. They provide us with more than the tasteless bowl of gruel meant only to keep us alive but offer little else.

Try to imagine a world with no music, or art, or fine foods. The colors of life itself would fade into some monochrome backdrop that offers nothing to inspire us. You can’t deny that life is made better and more enjoyable by these things. Art and music are manifestations of passion and creativity.

Masculinity is the manifestation of creation and the mastery of it can only be described as art in its purest form.

It is the ultimate art of man.

It is a symphony of moving parts all in harmony with one another to create a masterpiece. Just as the world would be filled with darkness and absent of all meaning without the great works of the masters, so too is a man that has not filled his canvas with the artistry of his own life.

Modern man is a lot like modern art. Lacking depth and feeling, made up for by a pretentious and elitist desire to show one’s "sophistication.” Like the Constructivists of the 1920s who favored the industrial approach during the modernist movement, they believe that the best art is the art that can be manufactured and bottled for distribution. It is a poor reflection of the great works of the masters who blend their souls into their canvas'.

Modern man is similar in that he is a poor reflection of those ordinary men called to perform extraordinary feats of courage and strength. The ones adorned the halls of history and stories of glory, of men forged in the fires of adversity. Instead, he is conceptual and not yet actualized, left open to the interpretation of the snobbish gawkers that fancy themselves cultured.

He is a product with decorative packaging, embellished with the latest features seen as some giant leap forward in societal progress put together in a repeatable process to maximize output and profits. The idea that he is the epitome of what a man should be is likened to stick figure drawings flanking Madonna on the Rocks.

This juxtaposition is a desecration.

Most pieces of modern art are indistinguishable from garbage as most modern men are indistinguishable from boys, or worse, women, for all but a handful of features that can be altered cosmetically. There are no significant defining factors that separate the two now androgynous beings. But this is what happens when we allow catering to subjective standards of beauty to override all of society.

The greatest works of art took years to complete. Michaelangelo's statue of David took three years of constant effort to complete; the process of becoming a man takes much longer. Cookie-cutter caricatures of masculine men exist, but just like the empty room with a rotting banana sitting on the floor, they aren't real art.

They are shallow, subjective interpretations.

I have dedicated the last three years of my life to becoming a better and more actualized man while trying to inspire other men to do the same. Michaelangelo would have completed his David by now, whereas it seems that the real work is only beginning for me.

This endeavor will take me the rest of my life to complete, and even then, I may still fall short. If that is to be the case, it won't be for the lack of trying. It will be because I have gone as far as I can. Even the greatest masters of art know that their work is never finished. They reach the point where their skills are not enough to take the piece further or they die.

This will be the case for all men who make the decision to become more of what they are and strive to become the proto-example of a man. Of course, they will reach a point where they can either go no further, or their time runs out, but this is not an exercise in futility. Not at all. Art is defined by the feeling and depth of sincerity put into it. This is also the case with men.

Those great masters that poured their entire souls into their work never had delusions of grandeur. They never expected to be seen as masters. Still, that didn't dissuade them from creating beauty. There was something inside of them that called out to them from the shadows. Some ancient voice that beckoned them to create.

The idea that there are two kinds of masculinity, toxic, and non-toxic is as much a fallacy as calling beauty subjective. The eye of the beholder can see a lie as much as anyone else, after all. As I said before, men are not born inherently masculine. We are nothing more than upright monkeys with the same animalistic needs as every other mammal.

What modern society calls toxic masculinity is simply human nature. Unchecked anger, an appetite for destruction, and the need to fuck are all a part of being human. We've been fucking, and fighting since the dawn first rose over the first men, and that will never change because we are what we are. That is until we become something more.

To be a masculine man is to become more than human. It is the channeling of nature, the bending of primal forces into something beautiful. To be human is to be a flame that burns out of control, devouring everything within its path. To be a masculine man is to take that fire and harness it to build a world around it filled with warmth, shelter, and security.

Toxic masculinity is the lack of masculinity; modern art lacks beauty and the current subjective views that say otherwise fall short of reality.

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