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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

It takes courage to be a man in a world that seems to have all but decided that men are an unnecessary inconvenience. Today, anything you say or do will be scrutinized and picked apart by nearly everyone to ensure that you don’t possess wrong thinking or lack political correctness. The world has shifted from a time where meritocracy takes precedence over-inclusiveness. In fact, any form of exclusivity is now considered one ism or another or is labeled as phobic by the elites whose only goal is to secure as many votes as possible.

These people that sit in government office buildings writing new legislation and policies based on inclusiveness and fairness all have one thing in common. They are the good citizens of the empire and aspire to force everyone else to be the same. After all, they know what's best for you better than you do. The sad irony of this is that for all their pandering and theatrics about equality and vying for a fair and equal society to everyone and everything for the sake of public interest. They still act as if they know that their way is the right way, and anyone who doesn’t see things the way they do is not to be considered one of them.

This isn’t just a display of hypocrisy but also of arrogance and exclusivity. They know that they aren’t truly capable of giving a shit about everyone everywhere at the same time, yet they still put on their little song and dance for the people who have resigned themselves to subjects rather than citizens. The convenient interchangeability of labels makes the lie oh so believable to those that kneel at the teat of the empire hoping for a drink.

Still laden with irony is that while they stand on their soapboxes preaching unity, their words are laced with the ever unifying idea of us vs. them. The only real way to unify a group of people is to rally them around a common cause or value or against a common enemy that threatens their way of life. There can be no us without them, so they speak to the masses in circles with double talk and self-fulfilling prophecies to ensure that the lie proves itself to be true. They curry the favor of the mob while still placing themselves in their own position of us.

The common enemy of the empire is anyone who is not willfully drinking the kool-aid, and they are still plenty. Hell, even the Jim Jones cult had members who were backing out in the final hour and were held down and forced to drink by the true believers on November 18th, 1978. The idea of convert or kill has long been a tenet of many religions. Islam, Christianity, and Norse Paganism alike all have deep histories of killing anyone who wasn’t one of their tribe through their efforts to expand their tribe and conquer new peoples and bring them into the fold. The idea was that the bigger the tribe, the stronger it would be.

Today we have a more civil and mostly nonviolent equivalent of convert or kill. The mob now attacks anyone who doesn’t toe the line with the empire's virtues or speaks their own mind in what has become known to cancel culture. Any man or woman that comes under fire by the mob is publicly threatened with the loss of their livelihood or status unless they kneel, submit, and bow to the mob's demands for a public apology and the retraction of whatever opinion they had.

This is the land of unity and equality and tolerance, so long as you think, speak, and act in goose step with everyone else. Those who show the courage to refuse the mob's demands are vilified and ostracized from the collective and cast out from the empire while being labeled as one of them. The independent and free-thinking man who chooses to care for his own people and disregards everyone else has become today's version of a barbarian.

I tweeted yesterday that it was not my intent to gain followers. That instead, I was building an army of leaders that will create their own respective tribes that serve their own interests rather than that of a collective that will not and cannot care about them.

This is what I want for you. I want you to realize that choosing your own us over the collective them is the only way to live a life where the courage and strength to deny the rabid mob their feast of blood and apologies are celebrated. A life where you live rather than merely exist.

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