• J Putnam


Updated: Apr 20, 2021

A code of honor depends on the set of ethical rules and principles that govern a society based on shared ideals that define the constitution of what is in alignment with the morals and values within that society. This is often described as Cultural Honor.

The empire in all its power and influence is ruled by men who have decided that you, you mere peasant, must abide by the codes of conduct they have deemed fit for a society composed of all. This great experiment, this melting pot of ideas, has shown that not all alchemy is good alchemy. When combined with others, some materials can create the sharpest of blades while other combinations weaken it.

This does not sit well with men because to them, their honor is measured by the esteem and respect given to them by their peers, by the standards that they hold for themselves and each other. If there is no uniform code of conduct and no standard to be upheld, then the pursuit of an honorable life is all but impossible should he remain tethered to the empire.

A man should care very little if the empire sees him as honorable. The modern empire has taken strength, courage, brotherhood, and loyalty and twisted them into perverse codes that only further the rancid devolution of the character of its subjects. Because the empire's own code of conduct has been corrupted by humanist universalism, a man’s hunger for honor is made greater. This explains why he longs for strength and courage and is drawn to the loyalty that comes with belonging to a tribe of his peers. Man’s need to measure himself against the mettle of other men and prove himself worthy of honor is fueled by the empires unnatural redefining of these virtues.

The stories of our heroes and honor have been replaced by real housewives living their 600-pound lives. Cheap circus acts meant to distract man from searching for fulfillment and honor by injecting poison straight into his soul. Within the walls of the empire, those with the most power and influence are afforded the privilege to define themselves and their behaviors as honorable, setting the standard for its subject to abide by. The issue with this is that the hierarchical structure of the empire affords power and influence not necessarily to the honorable but to the wealthiest and most popular regardless of character virtues. The old saying, might is right, is just a way of saying big fucks small. And if you can fuck it, you own it. If you own it, you have power over it. And if you have power over something, you can impose your own will and codes of behavior on it. When you become strong, when you become honorable, you become a threat. The empire becomes afraid because it doesn't want to get fucked. Get strong. Pursue honor. Make them afraid.

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