• J Putnam


Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Courage is defined as the will to take action even in the presence of fear.

When we hear the word courage today, we imagine a romanticized idea of what courage looks like. For me, it's always the same thing. It is the berserkir standing alone in the middle of Stamford Bridge facing an army of 15,000 Saxons while his clan maneuvered for a strategic retreat.

As the the historical account tells it, he held the bridge alone, striking down over 40 men with his Dane Ax, allowing no one to pass before the English sent men with pikes and spears beneath the bridge the stab him from underneath while he was engaged with other fighters.

While there is little to no chance of an opportunity to engage in such an incredible act of courage today, courage is nonetheless imperative to a man's being. I don't foresee myself marching into battle, skeggox in hand and ready to meet my enemies any time soon, but each and every day affords me an opportunity to do battle with a foe that is relentless and omnipresent.


Molded by the ease and convenience of the modern world, he is drawn on the surface to the path of least resistance. But deep inside him stirs a beast, a warrior, a man in his truest form just waiting to be unleashed. It takes courage to march into battle with oneself and live a life where every decision made is intentional and has a purpose because the man within is bit at all suited for a life ease.

He lusts for new lands and people to conquer. Things that are generally frowned upon in a civilized society. Yet to deny him this indulgence is to deny who we truly are as men. We were not bred or evolved for comfort. We were bred for war and we must show the courage to wage it.

Even if the enemy is staring at us in the mirror.

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