• J Putnam

Battle Drums

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

We still have the opportunity to go into a battle each and every day, even if it’s not a battle in the traditional sense of the word. Each day we are faced with choices that will take us down one path or another, and as humans, it is within our nature to always choose the path with the least amount of obstacles.

The need for comfort and efficiency often overrides our biological need to conquer new lands and achieve new heights or status because it hasn’t been necessary. To combat these tendencies, a man must be intentional with his endeavors and not fall into the trap of promised comfort and ease.

The act of intentionally seeking out hardships or the path of most resistance requires courage and a certain amount of self-belief, just like the soldier who willingly goes into battle for the first time. This is not to downplay the soldier by any means but merely an analogy meant to convey the need for courage when facing the unknown and its unforeseeable risks.

We are evolved to live a much harder life than the one we have today. Slow wifi and long waits in Monday morning traffic aren’t really hardships as they are minor inconveniences. Yet, we still tend to behave as if they were some major difficulty because we crave conflict or some battle to fight deep down. The presence of some resistance or challenge awakens who we are inside.

To challenge oneself is the ultimate form of sacrifice that we can achieve in today's world of comfort and luxury. Taking the path of most resistance flies right in the face of the life that we could choose to live instead without having to worry about the consequences. In doing so, we risk revealing things about ourselves that could shatter our previously held identities and untested mettle to make us finally face who we truly are.

A man will naturally hold himself in high regard among his peers until his mettle is tested and he is proven otherwise. It is in our nature to measure up against other men, and the risk of discovering that we do not can absolutely shatter our bravado and confidence. Taking on challenges that will test our merit is not easy, but it is natural. And not only is it natural, but it is required that we do so if we are to find out what we’re made of.

A man who has never been tested will never know who he is.

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