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Jeff Putnam


Noble Over Ignoble

“Much like the fall of the Roman Empire was brought about by the mass influx of corruption, greed, cultural division, personal ambitions, and frankly the self-serving nature of the bureaucrats that had been appointed to govern, the U.S. has begun to follow the same path of empirical destiny.

As it is, too many cultural and morally ethical differences exist, and even with the compromises that have been put into place to unify them, the people have started to divide themselves from the empire as they become more and more dissatisfied with the way they are regarded by their rulers. It isn’t a stretch to assume that the further expansion of globalization will only act to further drive a wedge between the empire and those that are already pulling at its seams.”

– Empire Divided

Nietzsche spoke of his Ubermensch, his super-men. Men that, as he described, were above the normal parameters of morality set forth by mere average men. They were smarter, stronger, and wealthier than others which to them meant that only their betters could rule over them, and they had no betters.

Looking at it from a modern perspective, one might say that these Ubermensch are nothing more than narcissistic sociopaths. And to be honest, it would be a fair assessment if not for one minor detail.

The pundits and media whores that invade the airwaves today exude this exact same behavior while chastising anyone who doesn’t fall into lock-step with the totalitarian globalist agenda. Anyone who hasn’t outsourced their free will and thinking to the loudest voice coming from the magic box in the living room is viewed as lesser citizens; people that aren’t welcome within the walls of this new Roman empire.

What these people tend to conveniently forget is that by the end of the Roman Empire these lower-class citizens were welcoming the barbarians into the gates. They wanted it all to burn and viewed the incoming raiders as being nobler than the aristocratic hierarchy that has sacrificed its soul on the altar of consumerism.

One can argue that these outsiders, these barbarians were the true Ubermensch as they lived by a code not bound by the laws not written by man, but by nature. These men possessed honor and structural integrity that was unshakable in the face of the plebian cries for moral purity that sounded a lot like “Govern me harder, Daddy.”

I said years ago that there would come a time when tribalism reared its head once again bearing the mark of ideology rather than any biological or evolutionary aspect beyond individual control, and here we are. We are witnessing the pages of history being written in real-time and the pages of tomorrow will be filled with stories of the men who chose to make a stand and declare themselves the true super-men.

Men who chose not to comply with the order to lie down and accept the boot on their necks, but instead stand their ground and refuse to kneel to these lesser men, men without honor.

I am often asked if what I am advocating for is anarchy, and the answer is no. Pure anarchy is an unsustainable state that is only viable during a transition from one model of governance to another. After all, it is men who are biologically designed to create order from chaos.

No, what I am advocating for is a new world built by men on the laws of nature. A new order brought to being where meritocracy is the foundation of the governing body’s hierarchy. However, all new worlds but be idealized before they can be actualized. This new world must first be built in the hearts of men. But how do we get there?

We begin by no longer accepting the rule of these debased creatures that place themselves in their ivory towers using coin and influence. These new ideological-based tribes have split themselves into parties of left and right wings and neither are viable in the long term.

We must change the way we forge our alliances. No more can we subscribe to an ideal simply because it’s the lesser of two evils. That cannot be the metric by which we decide our fates. We must choose the noble over the ignoble, the strong over the weak, the good over the evil.

What those things look like to each man will be subjective to the nobility, strength, and good that lie in their hearts.


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