Jeff Putnam is the author of Empire Divided, an unapologetic viewing of the modern world and man's current place within it. Having spent most of his life working blue-collar trade jobs and seeing firsthand the dynamics between the social classes, his writings' main focus has been on man's nature and internal workings.

As a practicing pagan, he views the modern world through an ancient and mythological lens that feels true in his heart. He seeks to help other men understand and embrace who they truly are as he continues to push literary boundaries.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where I stand

I do not consider myself right-wing, left-wing, or libertarian. As far as political issues go, where I stand will typically be wherever something affects me and those I care about.

I'm a white man, married to a Hispanic woman, and the father of at least one homosexual son. I am a pagan, although most of those I consider to be in my tribe are devout Christians, a few of them are even priests and pastors, so when it comes to identity politics, I do not identify.

I do not and will not pretend to be invested in the lives or well-being of those that I do not call my own. I can afford general human concern for others but not much past that. I'm not capable of it, and neither are you. 

I believe in the freedom of speech and ideas in that you should still get punched in the face for being an asshole, but no government entity should ever have the power to censor anyone who says anything. If you don't want to hear something, don't listen to it.

I am pro-gun.  

A man's loyalty is first to himself and then to his tribe. Any empire that is unwilling to allow a man to protect himself and those he cares for is owed no loyalty or commitment whatsoever.

I am not a flag-waving patriot.

I don't hate America, but I don't love it as a whole either. The people I owe my allegiance and loyalty to are spread far and wide across the globe, and I would gladly take their side over random Americans that I have never met.

When it comes to the constitution and laws themselves, I believe that no man should rely on a piece of paper to tell him just how free he is allowed to be. I believe that it is the duty of a man to decide for himself which moral code feels just and right in his own heart and follow it, regardless of what society's laws tell him. 

Should his actions go against society's laws, he should be content to face the consequences of his actions with dignity and self-respect.

I am aware that these views may be unpopular, and I do not expect them to be shared by everyone. In fact, most of the people whom I consider members of my tribe disagree with at least one of them.

What matters, in the end, is that we share basic common values on what it means to be a free man living in this modern world.

If we can do that, then you're welcome within the tribe.



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