The Perimeter

It has always fallen to the shoulders of men to create order. To defeat chaos in a battle of wills and plant their flags on one spot. Their home. Within that home, a fire is built, and its light stretches out across the encampment creating a perimeter, a circle of trust—a haven for those who belong to the tribe.

Within the confines of the perimeter where the tribe gathers around the fire, stories are told. And from those stories, a culture, a creed, a way of life is established. That tribe learns to be interdependent upon one another in order to not only survive but flourish.

Yet out there, just beyond the edge of the firelight, lies the darkness. Within that darkness lurks chaotic forces with an insatiable hunger that seek to consume those that live in the light. 

The duty of man is to guard the perimeter and, when necessary, take the light with him and journey into the night, hunting those feral beasts that would do his tribe harm.

He is the sentinel, the watcher, and the warrior. He stands with the light to his back to defend those behind him.

He defends the perimeter.



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